City of Lakes North Chapter Results 2022

Feb 7, 2022

As the Olympians tested their skills on ice and moguls, 43 mathletes from he City of Lakes North Chapter tightened their masks. Squaring their shoulders, competitors from six schools walked into their competition at North Hennepin Community College. After the preliminary fidgets and instructions, their event began in earnest. Paper and pencil tests followed by a fun candy count-down round made the morning complete. And finally, 43 mathletes relaxed. The results were in. The Wayzata East Middle School team, coached by Kathy Simson and the Valley View Middle School team coached by Margaret Schlukebier will advance to state.

Individuals Kaining Zhang, Blake School, and Maximillian Kenney, Minnetonka Middle School West, will also advance to the state competition.

Glad they made it through the morning, the mathletes shrugged into their jackets and left the room.

Teams Advancing to State:

Wayzata East Middle School

• Dylan Kim
• Selena Quia
• Neel Shrivastava
• Jeff Zhou

Valley View Middle School

  • Maheeya Bhattacharya
  • Helen Chu
  • James Cui
  • Daniel Ye

Individuals Advancing to State:

Kaining Zhang, Blake School
Maximillian Kenney, Minnetonka Middle School West