MATHCOUNTS offers many volunteer opportunities for those who have an interest in math and enjoy working with young people. Listen to Cameron Klos, a long-time volunteer, share why he contributes his time and energy to our program:

Be a coach. Help a coach: MATHCOUNTS coaches oversee team practice sessions and coordinate the school’s involvement in local and state competitions. Often these are math teachers, but they can also be parents or volunteers from the community. If you can’t be coach, you can volunteer to assist one.

Competition volunteer: There are plenty of opportunities to help out at state or local competitions. You can serve as a proctor or scorer or assist at registration, for example. Local competitions are held throughout February, and the state competition takes place in March in the Twin Cities.

Special events volunteer: You can assist with special events honoring students and promoting math, such as a MATHCOUNTS Day, or make a school presentation about using math in the real world.

Exactly what a volunteer decides to do and how much time he or she contributes is strictly up to each individual.

Chapter coordinators can assist you at the local level by answering your questions, or by providing you with information about MATHCOUNTS events near your hometown. You can find out what chapter you are in by clicking on the Find Your Chapter Link or by contacting Katie Jamieson, 651-457-2347 or by Email at

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