About coaching MATHCOUNTS


MATHCOUNTS teams are coached by math teachers or, in some cases, volunteers who work with teachers to coach a team. Coaching a  team not only helps students by stimulating interest in mathematics, it also provides tangible benefits for a coach:

  • Coaching helps to keep mathematical skills sharp and provides creative problem-solving challenges.
  • Coaching provides access to non-routine problems that can also be used in class.
  • Coaching a team and attending a local competition help develop a strong network of colleagues.
  • Coaching provides a sense of accomplishment as students progress in math.
  • Coaching is an opportunity to work with students who are excited about mathematics.
  • Coaching brings recognition to a school through participation in a local academic competition.


How to Get Started


The best way to get familiar with the MATHCOUNTS program is through the MATHCOUNTS School Handbook. The handbook has information on building a program in your school, whether you are a teacher or a volunteer coach. It also has information on registration deadlines, details on competition levels, and 100 creative math problems that meet NCTM standards for grades 6-8.

The National MATHCOUNTS web site also has additional information and resources. All registrations are done through National MATHCOUNTS.


How to determine your chapter


There are 12 chapters throughout Minnesota, each with a chapter coordinator who coordinates the Chapter Competition in that area.

You can view a map that shows what counties are in what chapters below.

Contact information for your Chapter Coordinator can also be found on the contact us page.