City of Lakes Minneapolis Results 2022

Feb 15, 2022

The City of Lakes Minneapolis Chapter competition was held in the University of Minnesota’s Coffman Memorial Union. The Great Hall in the massive building was just right for the good-sized crowd of mathletes from nine schools and two chapters (the City of Lakes South joined with the Minneapolis Chapter for the event). The countdown round brought candy to the tables of speedy mathletes who were first to answer questions correctly.  And then there were five bonus questions – the first mathletes to answer them correctly won Davannis pizza cards!

Long-time MATHCOUNTS volunteer Steve Strauss provided the cards – and looked almost as happy as the kids who won them. The St. Louis Park Middle School team, coached by Michelle Stark, and the Anthony Community Middle School team, coached by John Bender will advance to the state competition.  Individuals Alice Lee, Lee Academy, and Bruke Davis, Annunciation Catholic School, will also advance to state.


St. Louis Park Middle School

Lucille Burgeson
Erin Eichten
Alex Liska
Teddy Rich

Coach: Michelle Stark

Anthony Community Middle School

Hendrix Bender
Ellen Davis
Annie Scendel
Rocco Zoia

Coach: John Bender



Alice Lee, Lee Academy

Burke Davis, Annunciation Catholic School