Fuel Your Day With Purpose

Feb 13, 2024

Support Minnesota MATHCOUNTS – drink Coffee!

Now you can support our programming to build confidence and improve attitudes towards math and problem solving while enjoying a delicious morning cuppa joe. We’ve partnered with Chapín Coffee for our Winter Fundraiser. Chapín Coffee is a locally roasted specialty coffee company that also gives back to children in Guatemala with proceeds from every bag sold. Choose from their menu of artisan-roasted coffees and 10% of your purchase goes to Minnesota MATHCOUNTS! Click here to shop today: https://tinyurl.com/chapincoffee-MNmathcounts


Why we’re partnering with Chapín Coffee:

Not only is their coffee delicious (we’ve been purchasing it for our home for almost 4 years!), but they also give back a portion of their proceeds to feed undernourished children in Guatemala’s coffee growing communities. We love how our missions align to support children to reach their full potential – both in Minnesota and the world beyond.