Information for Coordinators

2022 Competition Competition Information for Coordinators

Please review the details below and keep this information handy for your chapter competition. Use it as a checklist for finalizing state advancement and chapter competition details.

Katie’s cell: 651-246-2082

Documents in google drive for coordinators

Documents are in a google drive for coordinators (please do not share this link). I have compiled a drive with all the needed documents AND templates for scripts, PowerPoint instructions, etc. On this drive you will find:

  • TIMERS – PowerPoint files for the Sprint, Target and Team Round
  • Logos – Please make sure you are using the blue logos, and let all your host site contacts know the red logo should not be used
  • Chapter welcome script and PowerPoint file with instructions to customize for your competition
  • Chapter Countdown Round files with and without blank slides added
  • Scoring instructions for volunteers and competition exam document policy

All of the above can be found here:

*Do not share this link with anyone else.

Chapter to state links – replaces our former printed packets

Chapter to state packet documents are now an online link. Please provide the following to your advancing coaches:

Please encourage coaches to get themselves and their student(s) registered ASAP for state following their chapter competition. The state registration deadline is February 23.


  • Important MOSS updates from national:
  • Printed certificates are not needed.
  • All waivers were to be submitted before chapter competitions. Coaches/parents do not need to resubmit for state.
  • The online chapter competition is Thursday, February 17 on the Art of Problem Solving web platform. All tech and logistics questions should be directed to National MATHCOUNTS.
  • Participation in the online competition is required to be considered an official MATHCOUNTS competitor to advance to state and national competitions.
  • Wild card is a maybe this year – coaches will be contacted after 2/17 with updates.

Scoring – MOSS

Schools that have moved chapters for the bonus in-person competitions will be temporarily moved to that chapter at the national level so that they can be scored in MOSS. Once our in-person competitions are complete, schools will be moved back to their original chapter prior to the 2/17 online competition.

IMPORTANT – Do NOT advance students to State through MOSS (by clicking to send to state in the program). Please export your results and email them to immediately following your competition.

As far as competition setup for MOSS, the most important things to do ahead of competition day would be ensure that all schools/NSC registrations have been identified with the correct chapter and then ensure all the students who will be competing have been added into the system with the correct student type (team or individual).

All MOSS documentation can be found at The relevant sections of the MOSS guide for the above would be: Putting Schools/NSCs in the Right Chapter (section 2), Checking Existing Competitors (Section 4), and Adding, Editing, and Deleting Competitors (section 5). I have updated this page to include video examples for updating chapters and adding competitors.

Here is a checklist to cover in preparing for your competition:

  • List to National to update school/chapter assignments and NSC lists
  • Coordinators:
    • Verify correct schools are populating
    • Import competitor list (names, grades, team, etc)

Bonus Competition

  • Student revisions
  • What to do with no shows
  • Score entry
  • Identifying students going to state
  • Export results and email to Katie at

State Advancement 2022

Bonus Competition
Teams registered Advance
1-10 2 teams
11-13 3 teams
14+ 4 teams
Individuals Up to 2 *Do not add more students. If one or both individuals are on an advancing team, no individuals advance.
Online Competition
Top 4 individuals from each chapter, not adding students who already advanced from the bonus competitions.
Wild Card
State committee and coordinators reserve the right to add wild card teams and/or individuals based on bonus competition and/or online chapter competition results. Invitations to state, if any, will be made *after* state invitations are complete from the 2/17 bonus competition.

  • If you are hosting an in-person bonus event in your area, it is recommended that, at a minimum, you recognize the two highest-scoring students from the online Chapter Competition (February 17, 2022) with awards. In addition, you are highly encouraged to recognize even more students from your bonus event with awards. Note, bonus event-branded awards will not be available through Sports Awards. You are free to provide the available Chapter Competition-branded awards to both the online Chapter Competition students and in-person bonus event students. Additional non-Chapter Competition-branded awards are also available to order at Sports Awards.
  • If you are not hosting an in-person bonus event in your area, it is recommended that, at a minimum, you recognize the two highest-scoring students from the online Chapter Competition (February 17, 2022) with awards. If possible, we highly encourage you to recognize additional students at this level with awards as well.

Email the winning schools, teammates (we need their names), individuals, and coach to Katie immediately following your competition.


At the chapter level, substitutions may be made on the day of the competition. For the state competition, the student being replaced must voluntarily release his/her position on the school team and a letter from the student’s parents to this effect must be submitted in advance (by the registration deadline) Substitutions are not allowed for individual participants.


Not allowed in 2022. In the past we have sometimes allowed schools to bring additional students beyond the 10 (now 12) slots per school to take tests for fun. We will not be offering this option in 2022.

Alternates are now allowed at the state competition. The only students allowed to participate are those who advance from their chapter level or who go through the approved substitution process, if another team member was unable to participate at state.

Coach and student waiver links:



Competition Exams Document Policy

Be sure you are aware of the competition exams document policy and that you dispose of all MATHCOUNTS tests from your competition within two weeks of your competition. The policy states:

Minnesota MATHCOUNTS® does not allow coaches, parents, students or other interested individuals to view competition papers or answers at any time except by the student during the competition.  All competition papers are the confidential property of the MATHCOUNTS Foundation. State or chapter coordinators hold exams for at least 24 hours after results have been distributed to coaches and dispose of all completed competition papers and answers within two weeks of each competition date.